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BUILT FOR PURPOSE Marine Specialised Technology Group

From design to deployment

Military and professional operators worldwide trust MST to provide superior quality marine craft that deliver enhanced operational capabilities and performance effectiveness in the most challenging of environments.

Serving sectors including defence, security, law enforcement, and search and rescue, our specialised craft, global spares, maintenance and support services ensure mission-readiness wherever, whenever.

Using advanced SolidworksTM CAD tools, our team of specialists harnesses world-class innovation, program execution and customer understanding forged over the course of 20 years to design and build exceptional Inflatables, Rigid Hulled Inflatable Boats and High-Speed Workboats. Through investment in technological innovation and our steadfast dedication to excellence, MST is the byword for next-generation design, meticulous engineering and an unwavering commitment to exceptional customer service.


Making quality craft for any mission

MST is the world’s leading provider of Inflatables, Rigid Hulled Inflatables and High-Speed Workboats to the global defence and security markets.

We offer flexible modular solutions tailored to meet our customers’ specific requirements, from a range of well-proven platforms. We work closely with clients during the development process to understand their specific needs before any manufacturing commences. This approach ensures every boat we deliver is optimally suited to its role, and deliver maximum performance, capability and effectiveness in any environment.

MST concentrates on the design, development and final assembly of craft, with key components manufactured by specialists. Our collaborative approach is overseen by naval architects and marine engineers to ensure all components are manufactured to the highest possible level of quality.

Because we are an international corporation with a network of both wholly owned companies and strategic partnerships, we provide the reassurance of global sales and support services in over 30 countries around the world. MST is with you every step of the way.

It’s thanks to these unique capabilities that you will find MST craft at work in every ocean in both professional and military capacities, in roles as varied as law enforcement, naval, rescue, patrol, special operations, fisheries and conservation.


Our mission

At Marine Specialised Technology Group, our mission is to provide military and professional organisations with powerful, unique vessels that embody the ultimate user experience and deliver optimum performance with enhanced capabilities tailored to client requirements.

Serving the global defence and security sectors, our expert team pairs state of the art design technology with meticulous engineering to produce next-generation Inflatables, Rigid Hulled Inflatables and High-Speed Workboats.

We work tirelessly to transform the marine craft industry through premium vessel servicing, maintenance, training, and spare parts solutions delivered across the globe. The entire MST team is committed to excellence and collaborates to deliver client satisfaction and maximise their operational success.


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Coast Guard
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Special Forces
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MST is proud to deliver a full package of services to support our clients and ensure operational readiness throughout their craft’s lifecycle. With some services delivered at our shipyard in Merseyside, and others delivered at over 30 locations worldwide, MST craft owners depend on us to keep their vessels mission-ready and their personnel safe and appropriately trained.

Our History

Marine Specialised Technology Group is one of the world’s leading companies that specialises in the new build, refit, and repair of boats up to 24m in length. Operating from two sites in the north-west of England, we serve the global defence, security, search and rescue, and workboat markets. Through hard work and dedication, MST has rightly earned an enviable reputation for high-quality products and services that meet the needs of the most demanding of applications and end-users.


Marine Specialised Technology Limited is incorporated on 21 June 2002 by Ben Kerfoot, Philip Hilbert and Andrew Phillips.



MST’s first boat manufactured is successfully delivered to the German Coast Guard, officially launching the SEABOAT™ series.



Several variations of new MST craft, including the SAR and HPB series, are delivered to various clients globally.


Specialised Inflatable Technology Limited, MST’s dedicated inflatable products division, is incorporated in Leyland.


MST successfully wins its largest contract to date, supplying 48 FRISC® to the Netherlands’ Defence Material Organisation, leading to the expansion of MST’s Liverpool site.



MST celebrates the build and delivery of its 250th boat.


Revolutionary fully-inflatable Landing Craft (ILC™) range launched.



The MST Group moves its headquarters to a 35,000m2 shipyard site in Bromborough, UK.



MST celebrates its 20th anniversary and surpasses a major milestone delivering over 500 boats


Our Strategy

MST is justly renowned for our strong core values, which we diligently embed throughout our organisation. A solid understanding of our values empowers our employees to embrace challenges and make independent decisions, thereby fostering a company culture of efficiency and growth.

Our focus is you

We are a customer engaged organisation with a worldwide performance culture. We understand the challenges you face and the environments you operate in and are dedicated to equipping you with the right products and services to meet them with utmost confidence and maximised operational capabilities.

Building relationships

Since our inception we have persistently invested passion and time into forging long-term relationships with our customers, local staff and global network, knowing the only way to earn your trust is by delivering exceptional service by high-calibre people, time and again.


We believe honesty sets the tone for the work culture we strive to create; it builds the crucial loyalty and trust with our customers and prospects, along with our network of global partners, that we rely on for all aspects of our business.

Pursuing excellence

Our unwavering commitment to meeting unique customer demands is always placed at the forefront of all our operations. To meet these needs, our business is relentless about adapting and exploring new methods to achieve excellence, whether it be in manufacturing techniques or in extensive research and development, to produce the best craft in the world.

Consistency is key

We understand how vital it is to run your project on time and to budget, especially in challenging times when dependability is more desirable than ever. We endeavour to keep your purpose, vision, goals and strategies aligned to our work throughout the entire duration of your craft’s lifecycle.

Leading by example

To uphold our deeply-engrained ethos of continuously pushing boundaries further than previously explored, MST employs only the boldest and best minds to cement our position as a global leader in our respective industries.


Design expertise

MST is a world leader in marine design services. We combine cutting edge technology and design software with experienced naval architects and marine engineers to develop state of the art craft that accomplish any role, in any environment.

Key Features

  • Our company-wide ethos is for efficient engineering, with all design work controlled through our accredited QA system.
  • Efficiency: state of the art SolidworksTM 3-dimensional computer aided design (CAD) software allows us to fully model craft prior to manufacturing.
  • Precision: SolidworksTM models material properties allowing us to calculate extremely accurate weight predictions and successfully engineer lifting systems for precise dynamic behaviour.
  • Confidence: SolidworksTM rapidly produces concepts for evaluation purposes allowing clients to accurately visualise their proposed craft.
  • MST can carry out finite element analysis of structures to ensure lift systems or towing bollards are safe for their intended purpose. In addition, we can optimise structures for weight saving programmes.
  • MST benefits from full naval architecture facilities to create new hull designs and carry out hydrostatic and hydrodynamic analysis of projects.
  • Our team of naval architects are experienced in a wide range of disciplines from hull design to prototype testing and classification society compliance.
  • MST operates at the forefront of systems engineering with in-house electrical engineering design and development focusing on reliability and maintainability, adhering to relevant international standards at all times.

In-house design

World class design through research, technology and specialist dedication

It’s thanks to our unique business model that MST leads the way in marine craft design for military and professional clients operating in the defence and security markets. Our steadfast commitment to technological research conducted by specialists in the pursuit of world-class excellence delivers craft with unparalleled operational capabilities.

Research & Technology:

We offer flexible, modular solutions tailored to your specific requirements and selected from a range of highly researched platforms. These supply enhanced craft capabilities across comms, situational awareness, weaponry, etc, to provide optimum mission-readiness, performance and effectiveness in any environment.


We work closely with each individual client throughout the development process to ensure we understand their exact needs before any manufacturing commences. Effective communication with clients and amongst our team ensures efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Dedicated Specialists:

In addition to our team members who concentrate on the design, development and final assembly of craft, we also recruit a vast array of dedicated specialists to manufacture key components used in our product portfolio. Overseen by our naval architects and marine engineers, these specialists deliver the reassurance of British precision-engineered components of the highest possible quality.

For projects requiring in-country content, our business can liaise with strategic partners through technology transfers, and implement the necessary training and project oversight required to achieve success.

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From concept to reality

MST utilises state of the art Solidworks™ 3-dimensional computer aided engineering software to develop our craft and their components.

To greatly increase the likelihood of your operational success we apply the six principles of relative superiority to craft design: simplicity, security, repetition, surprise, speed and purpose.

Each aspect of every craft is fully modelled, including its material properties, allowing MST to calculate extremely accurate weight predictions and successfully engineer complex lifting systems for precise dynamic behaviour. A further benefit of this approach is that clients can accurately visualise their proposed craft and take an active role in vessel development.

MST’s team of naval architects is experienced in a wide range of disciplines from hull design to prototype testing and classification society compliance. MST carries out finite element analysis of structures in-house to ensure features such as lift systems and towing are safe for their intended purpose. In addition, structures are optimised as part of weight-saving disciplines and as part of a company-wide efficient engineering ethos, with all design work controlled through our accredited QA system.

In-house electrical engineering design and development secures MST’s position at the forefront of electrical systems for military and professional vessels, focusing on system reliability, redundancy and maintainability, always adhering to relevant international standards.


Working with technology

Systems integration is one of the most critical aspects of a project for global defence and security markets and MST has a proven track record of integrating complex systems and sub-systems into our marine craft to deliver unique capability to the end user.

We actively engage with specialist subcontractors to develop ground-breaking technology to ensure that operators of MST craft have the technical advantage.

Sophisticated electro-optical thermal and infrared cameras, C4ISR and WAIS systems and cybersecurity are all now commonplace and we understand the need to deliver craft that not only meet current requirements but also look to near-future capability to ensure effectiveness and operability throughout the craft’s entire service life.



All aspects of MST craft are manufactured by experts using only the best materials and highest engineering skills. Our model of experts working with experts ensures your craft is manufactured to the exact high standards both you and MST set and rightly expect. Dedicated MST project managers work closely with clients and our production team to ensure complete product satisfaction and timely delivery.

Key Features

  • MST employs the services of skilled specialists such as advanced composite moulders using exotic fibre reinforced plastic materials, and aerospace grade fabricators working with stainless steel, titanium and aluminium.
  • Driven by our own internal design office, we only specify the best quality materials and components for craft construction.
  • Our supply chain is mature and trusted, ensuring consistent build quality – on time – through the predictable availability of component parts and equipment.
  • Production is overseen at every stage by experienced project managers who work in conjunction with internal and external production and QA staff, ensuring that every aspect of the craft is built to the correct specification and quality.
  • Each new craft undergoes rigorous testing to guarantee safety, durability and reliability under real-world conditions. For shipyards, we specialise in vessel launched craft including single, twin and four-point lift and stern ramp launched applications. We work closely with yards to ensure overall project success.
  • Technology transfers and training for projects requiring in-country work are delivered through strategic partners across the globe.

Our Clients

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