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Category Archives: MST Safety & Training Services


Connect to the new MST Group

Connect To The New Global MST Group

Posted by Andy Taylor | 09/10/2020 No Comments | MST Safety & Training Services| News| SIT - Specialised Inflatable Technology

The MST group of companies, including MST Fleet Services, MST Safety & Training Services, MST Special Products and SIT Specialised Inflatable Technology, have all been brought under one banner and will now be known as the MST Group. This follows the recent acquisition of SIT. … READ MORE

MST SB 800 in a training drill in the Irish sea 1

MST deliver training to the Irish Naval Service in testing conditions

Posted by Andy Taylor | 10/05/2018 No Comments | MST Craft| MST Safety & Training Services

MST’s 800 Seaboat proves a superb choice for patrolling Ireland’s maritime jurisdiction. The role of the Irish Naval Service is to defend its territorial seas, deter intruders and aggressors, conduct surveillance, ensure right of passage and protect assets throughout Ireland’s enormous and rich maritime jurisdiction. … READ MORE

MST Aircraft to water training

MST’s Safety & Training division helps teams to prepare for aircraft emergency landings

Posted by Andy Taylor | 02/12/2016 No Comments | MST Safety & Training Services| News| SIT - Specialised Inflatable Technology

The risk of an aircraft ‘ditching’ is an all too real scenario with many examples around the world in recent years. Aircraft incidents are extremely challenging for rescuers, demanding both rapid response and a high level of hazard knowledge. Remote sites, adverse terrain and water … READ MORE

MST Capsize Training

MST’s new Capsize Simulator set to revolutionise marine safety training

Posted by Andy Taylor | 13/09/2016 No Comments | MST Safety & Training Services

MST Safety & Training have developed a unique Capsize Simulator, which allows Lifeboat and Rescue boat Capsize Training to be delivered in any open water with a depth of just a few meters. MST has been delivering comprehensive training using the Capsize Simulator since the … READ MORE

MST announce creation of MST Safety & Training Services

Posted by Philip Hilbert | 25/08/2015 No Comments | MST Safety & Training Services| News

MST are proud to announce the creation of a new division within the group – MST Safety & Training Services. The newly established enterprise will be led by Manager Andy Fell, whose background in Marine Rescue and experience in Flood Response Operations and Equipment identified … READ MORE