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F126 Mock-up Testing Completed for MST FRISC® Craft

Posted by Philip Hilbert | 15/08/2023 No Comments


Joint risk minimisation by client and contractor in the project frigate class 126 (F126) using the example of mock-up testing

Within the scope of the F126 construction contract, a total of 8 operational boats are to be delivered to the navy as part of the performance and delivery of the contractor Damen Naval (DN). For this purpose, the contractor has contracted the boat manufacturer Marine Specialised Technology Limited (MST) from Great Britain with the boat type MST FRISC-1200-SF at the beginning of 2023. The first of a total of 12 operational boats is to be delivered at the beginning of 2025.


Marine Specialised Technology Group’s FRISC® Craft Selected for German F126 Frigates - Artist Impression Copyright DAMEN


Within the scope of the currently ongoing detailed design on the basis of the boat type MST FRISC-1200, a mock-up test of the operational boat was planned as an important measure for risk minimisation between the contractor and the client.

A mock-up is a draft of the object to be realised. Scale models or replicas are often used for this purpose. In the early phase of detailed design, a mock-up serves to visualise the design with all important functions in order to determine an individual design adapted to the intended use.


The mock-up testing took place from 22 to 26 May 2023 at the Eckernförde naval base in the premises of the Naval Special Forces Command (KSM), with broad participation from:

  • Various naval services (including KSM, Sea Battalion, Operational Test Centre),
  • Wehrtechnische Dienststelle für Schiffe und Marinewaffen, Maritime Technologie und Forschung (WTD 71),
  • Approval Office of the Maritime Department of the Federal Office of Bundeswehr Equipment, Information Technology and In-Service Support (BAAINBw),
  • The boat manufacturer MST,
  • The external construction supervision company msg systems AG (msg),
  • The contractor Damen Naval (DN) and
  • The client BAAINBw, Sea Department, Group 8 (BAAINBw S8).

The F126 operational boat is designed for various operational roles used by different forces of the Navy. Users of the operational boat are the naval battalion, KSM and the ship’s crew of the F126. The operational boats can be used e.g. for boarding operations, protection of ships in coastal areas and for special forces tasks.



The aim of the mock-up tests was to identify possibilities for improvement and optimisation on the basis of the existing boat design during the detailed construction phase and to take them into account in the final design. Changes, e.g. additional holders for equipment and gear, ammunition boxes, optimal position of the heavy on-board weapons or the optimisation and improvement of the ergonomics (human-machine interface (HMI), e.g. of the driver’s platform) are test points that were carried out during the mock-up tests. Modification requirements identified in these tests can be implemented relatively easily and cost-effectively before production of the boats begins, provided that the existing basic design of the boat allows these changes. Until now, such optimisation points were often only identified during the acceptance of a boat and then implemented in a lengthy and cost-intensive manner for both sides as part of the residual point processing, if a change to the finished design of the boat was still possible.

The new approach of including all relevant agencies, i.e. the contractor, the later user, the specialist technology but also the agencies that are later responsible for the acceptance and approval of the boats, in such a trial created a common new standard for minimising risks and optimising the detailed planning of operational boats.

From the point of view of those involved from all departments as well as the contractor, these trials were very useful and purposeful. The jointly identified test and optimisation points, which the contractor took away for testing, are the result of this intensive work.

After the conclusion of the contract for the overall F126 project on 19 June 2020, a “tangible” and realistic picture of the design of the operational boat emerged for all project participants thanks to this week of trials. With the knowledge gained and the validation and adjustment of the detailed planning of the operational boat now underway, the basis for another important milestone in the F126 project was implemented on time.


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