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The ILC-800 – quicker, more adaptable and more manoeuvrable than a ferry across the Mersey

MST recently demonstrated the performance capabilities of the ILC-800, our eight-metre long Inflatable Landing Craft, on the Brunswick Dock, close to MST’s headquarters on the River Mersey, Liverpool. We were keen to display the craft’s manoeuvrability and record the results for you to see for yourself!

Coming in four sizes, MST’s ILC range is designed for the safe transportation of personnel, cargo and vehicles across water, and is often deployed in flood rescue operations, diving missions and as a floating bridge solution. For the purpose of the demonstration, we chose one of our company cars – over three tons of Nissan Navarra!

ILC craft can be deployed quickly and easily from an aircraft, ship or vehicle and are inflated by compressed air, gas or by powered compressor (electric or combustion engine) in minutes. From there, the deployment of the ILC is very simple, as it can be propelled using either a single or twin outboard motor. During our demo, the Navarra is driven easily onto the craft via the bow ramp access door, which can be lowered or raised as required.

What the video demonstrates perfectly, is the ease of which we deploy the craft and speed off down the Dock. But the best part is the u-turn which beautifully illustrates just how manoeuvrable and yet stable the ILC is – even with more than 3 tonnes of payload onboard.


If you’d like to see the ILC up close, the perfect opportunity is fast approaching at Seawork 11-13 June 2019 in Southampton – click for more information.

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