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All aspects of MST Craft are manufactured by experts in their field using only the best available materials and engineering skills. This model of experts working with experts ensures that your craft is manufactured to the exacting high standards MST set and expect. All this is brought together and overseen by dedicated MST project managers who work closely with the client and production to ensure complete product satisfaction and delivery.

Key Features

  • MST employs the services of skilled specialists working in what they do best including advanced composite moulders using exotic fibre reinforced plastic materials or aerospace grade fabricators working with stainless, titanium and aluminium.
  • Driven by our own internal design office, we only specify the best quality materials and components for craft construction.
  • Our supply chain is mature and trusted ensuring consistent build quality on time through predictable availability of component parts and equipment.
  • Production is overseen at every stage by experienced project managers who work in conjunction with internal and external production and QA staff, ensuring that every aspect of the craft is to the correct specification and quality.
  • Each new craft undergoes rigorous testing to guarantee safety, durability and reliability under real world conditions.For shipyards we specialise in vessel launched craft including single, twin and four-point lift and stern ramp launched applications and we work closely with the yard to ensure overall project success.
  • For projects requiring in-country content we can work with strategic partners through technology transfers and provide the necessary training, project oversight and support necessary for success.