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MST delivers new 13m Fisheries Enforcement Patrol Vessel

Welsh Cabinet Secretary launches new high-speed patrol vessel, the FPV Catrin, for the Welsh Government’s Fisheries and Marine department.

Wales has a long coastline for a relatively small country and its stunning scenery is one of the country’s major assets. It’s a coastline of contrasts: from dozens of secluded beaches to major ports such as Cardiff and Port Talbot. There’s also the beauty of the Gower Peninsular and the Pembroke Coast National Park as well as the fishing communities of the west coast.

FPV Catrin – embodying the spirt of Wales.

Marine Specialised Technology (MST) are proud to announce the latest delivery of a HPB 1300 Fast Patrol Craft to the Welsh Government’s Marine and Fisheries recent launch of the FPV ‘Catrin’ – a welcome addition to the team patrolling the 750 mile coastline. The new vessel was named in memory of Catrin Glyndwr, a symbol of the enduring spirit of Wales and the daughter of the last Welsh-born Prince of Wales, Owain Glyndwr.

The launch, held at Conwy Quays Marina, was headed by the Welsh Cabinet Secretary for Energy, Planning and Rural Affairs, Lesley Griffiths AM (pictured below). MST staff involved in its design and construction of the new vessel were delighted to meet the Minister during the ceremony.

The launch of FPV Catrin by the Welsh Cabinet Secretary for Energy, Planning and Rural Affairs, Lesley Griffiths

Prior to cutting the ribbon and placing green leaves on the vessel for a safe return, Lesley Griffiths commented ‘Our new vessel will ensure we can continue to effectively enforce fisheries and marine laws. It will help us meet our commitment to manage our fish stocks sustainably and safeguard Wales’ fishing industry and our coastal communities in the years ahead.’ She also kindly added ‘I would like to thank MST – without their dedication and efforts this day would not have been possible.’

A flagship for all concerned.

MST’s Sales Director Philip Hilbert also commented ‘Working with the Welsh Government has been a great experience and resulted in an exceptional craft, a flagship for all concerned. The partnership has seen us work together to produce one of the most comprehensive vessels of this size and type. The HPB 1300 offers unparalleled levels of innovation, technology and capability which we are sure will provide outstanding service for many years.’

FPV Catrin – MST’s HPB 1330 model – in action.

The HPB 1300 – an impressive specification

The HPB 1300 is a high speed vessel designed to carry 4 crew with a maximum speed of 35 knots and a range of 200 nautical miles. It offers overnight accommodation with a dedicated WC/head compartment, galley and dinette area. This example is outfitted for Fisheries Enforcement and features a power take off driven pot hauler system but other configurations are available.

If you’d like any further information on the technical specification of the new HPB 1300, please contact us.

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