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MST is firing on all cylinders in the pages of Inside Marine

MST is profiled in a comprehensive article in leading international shipping publication, Inside Marine.

The profile, written by Andy Probert, focuses on MST’s aftersales and service division, which now has its own dedicated 30,000 sqft premises and employs over 75 people. It also features new vessel innovation and new training services.

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PROVING NEWSWORTHY: MST’s improved service division

Keeping marine assets moving is paramount to any shipping operation and MST’s reputation for quality service, availability and cost-effectiveness is a particular strength of our business. Crucial to this support is MST’s 24/7 hotline support and the dedicated service and support units permanently deployed to support customers throughout the UK and Ireland.

The fleet management division is also expanding into commercial markets such as the servicing of vessels connected to offshore wind farms and seismic vessels, as well as supplying marine rescue and safety services. MST is also pursuing further UK MOD contracts and is shortlisted for a number of projects.

MAKING WAVES: MST’s new vessel innovation

MST’s unique business model offers flexible modular solutions tailored to meet customers’ specific requirements from a range of well-proven platforms. MST work closely with clients during the development phase to understand their specific needs before any manufacturing

commences. This tailored approach means that every boat from MST is fit for purpose, ensuring it delivers maximum performance, capability and effectiveness.


MST’s strength: our consultative approach to designing vessels for bespoke requirements

NOT GOING OVERBOARD: MST’s top end training services

MST Safety & Training Services has developed a unique capsize simulator, which allows capsize training to be delivered in any open water with a depth of a few meters. The simulator has been in operation for 12 months and has enabled a more advanced training than previously attainable.

MST’s expansion into safety training also includes water casualty management, high performance craft handling, amphibious craft operations and water site safety. MST has also initiated an apprenticeship scheme with local colleges.

If you’d like further information on MST’s range of vessels and services, please get in touch

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