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MST showcase the new FRISC® 1200-SF at DSEi

MST have showcased their newest FRISC® model, the FRISC® 1200-SF at DSEi, the world leading Defence & Security Event at ExCel, London this week.

Supported by the Ministry of Defence and the UK Trade & Investment Defence & Security Organisation and with 1,500 international exhibitors from 121 countries. DSEI brings together the cream of the defence and security industry to profile the latest equipment and systems, develop international relationships and generate new business opportunities.

FRISC® stands for ‘Fast Raiding Interception and Special Forces Craft’. Developed by MST, FRISC® is a combat proven military Rigid Hulled Inflatable Boat (RHIB) solution for today’s armed forces. The FRISC® fleet has four outstanding models: the 950, 1200, 1200-SF and the 1200-WH.

Group Sales Director Philip Hilbert comments ‘At 12 metres long, the FRISC® 1200-SF is certainly making an impact on the stand and generating a great deal of interest. We’ve had serious enquiries from Africa, Australasia, Europe and the Middle East.

The MST FRISC® has excelled since 2011 as a multi mission configurable high speed marine platform capable of transporting personnel and equipment in all-weather/sea conditions, all around the world, from extreme cold to tropical climates.


MST's FRISC® 1200-SF in action
MST’s FRISC® 1200-SF in action


Multi-launch options include sternramp, davit launch, underslung and aerial delivery from C-130 or larger aircraft. The craft is designed as a robust, reliable and dependable marine vehicle and coupled with extensive use of commercially available off the shelf technology, provides the end user with an easily maintained and serviceable craft, minimising downtime and maximising mission success.

Armament capabilities range from multiple GPMG, 12.7mm (0.50 cal), 7.62mm weaponry plus the option of smoke grenade launchers and plentiful ammunition storage. Enhanced with state-of-the-art navigation, tactical communication and situational awareness systems mean you have a reliable marine platform, capable in various configurations for open sea, coastal and riverine duties.

Philip ends by saying ‘We at MST are really proud of the FRISC® fleet. It’s rugged, durable, fast, easy to maintain and extremely effective in combat situations. It’s a great example of MST’s commitment to innovation and our design and manufacturing capabilities.’

For more information contact MST on +44 (0)151 708 4112 or email

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