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MST’s new Capsize Simulator set to revolutionise marine safety training

MST Safety & Training have developed a unique Capsize Simulator, which allows Lifeboat and Rescue boat Capsize Training to be delivered in any open water with a depth of just a few meters.

MST has been delivering comprehensive training using the Capsize Simulator since the beginning of the summer with great success – the response from the marine industry has been tremendous as the Simulator and the training provided is more effective and advanced than in previous years.

Capsize training is essential for those crewing Lifeboats and Rescue boats around the coastline of the British Isles. Generally this type of essential training is only offered at a few training centres across the UK, making it both expensive and time consuming.

MST Capsize Simulator Training

Cost-effective training

MST developed the Capsize Simulator to be easily transportable by road, so that training can be carried out from beaches or slipways rather than in a pool environment, ensuring the training is practical and cost-effective.

Developed by ex-Lifeboat Crew members, the training provides a realistic scenario in which trainees participate in the capsizing and righting. The simulator has a number of features, including an inversion system, escape hatch and an enhanced survivor space, and has been designed to answer the capsize training requirements set out in the United Kingdom Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) Open Boat Rescue Boat Code.


Making good choices in critical situations

Hamble Lifeboat in Hampshire recently carried out training with MST Training & Safety Services and participant Michael Blood was suitably impressed commenting ‘We enjoyed excellent training support last weekend, provided by MST. Thank you from all involved –the whole team were particularly impressed with the Capsize Simulator.’

Speaking on behalf of MST Operational Training Manager Andrew Fell said, ‘Effective safety and rescue requires the ability to make good choices whilst in critical situations. Realistic, scenario based training gives Rescue Team members the ability to accurately assess operational requirements by having a working knowledge of the environment and the tasks. I believe this training system will ultimately save lives by providing more accurate and complete reference points on which Rescuers can make sound judgments and good decisions.’


MST is making capsize training more affordable and accessible so that marine rescue operations will be safer and ultimately more lives will be saved.

For more information visit our operational safety training page

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