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The MST Subskimmer 680

The Subskimmer® 680 will be on show at DSEi 2017

Posted by Andy Taylor | 05/09/2017 No Comments

With MST’s upcoming appearance at the DSEi 2017 trade show at ExCel London (12-15 September), alongside the already announced ILC-1000 and the SEABOAT 900, we will also have the latest Subskimmer® 680 on display.


The Subskimmer 680 is a fast planning, wet submersible craft capable of operating on the surface like any other high speed RHIB, but when required can transition quickly into a semi-submerged mode for reduced detection and then submerge fully for completely covert requirements.

The MST Subskimmer 680 submerging

Normal operating depth is up to 10 metres, but the craft is capable of surviving at depths of up to 50 metres for transportation purposes. The Subskimmer is one of the most proven fast planning, wet submersible craft on the market, and the model on display is the very latest version from MST’s Special Products Division, who specialise in the design and manufacture of Special Operations vessels for global defence, law enforcement and antiterrorism markets.

Also at DSEi – the ILC-1000 and the Seaboat 900

Part of the ILC range, the new, larger ILC-1000 provides an effective solution for transferring equipment and personnel over rivers, lakes and coastal waters. The ILC-1000 incorporates heavy-duty keel sections and high-volume side tubes which provide excellent hull tracking and performance when operating in shallow and adverse conditions.

The MST new ILC-1000 on display at DSEi 2017

The Seaboat 900 was designed primarily as a fast-response / patrol vehicle with self-righting capability in challenging conditions. It has seating for up to six crew and a top speed of 45 knots.

The Seaboat 900 on display at DSEi 2017

We look forward to seeing you on our stand at DSEi 2017.

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