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MST’s new website is ready to launch

When is a website like a boat? When it’s MST’s new website.

MST new website


The MST model for craft development is unique in the industry. When we start a new craft at MST we work closely with our clients to develop something that specifically fit the needs of the job. The craft’s design needs to be slick, performing the desired roles both efficiently and effectively. Features are carefully considered and we include everything that will help our craft fulfil its duties to the best of its ability. Careful thought and smart technology ultimately delivers a product that performs excellently and looks great.


We treat websites very similarly.


MST design services
Our new website has been designed with the same care and consideration that we apply to anything we do. We have developed its functionality so as to operate more intuitively, letting users smoothly navigate through to their desired information. It now features a customer resources section that puts all the information you could need about the design and operation of our craft within easy reach. Like our craft it features the latest in technology with an ingenious responsive design that adapts to any screen size so you can get access to what you need no matter where you are or what device you’re using.

And it looks great too! Courtesy of Outsmart Agency our new site has a stylish and contemporary appearance with a much more logical layout. It also features lots more high quality photography of MST craft doing what they do best, their job!

MST is on the cutting edge of the high speed workboat and rigid inflatable boat design and manufacturing industry. We are constantly improving our approach and our products to ensure that we remain a world leader and that same approach needs to carry over to our public presentation. The MST name guarantees inventive design, meticulous engineering, attention to detail and a commitment to quality customer service and our new website delivers on all those values.

The new website forms the first part of a major push from us to expand our business. In particular it spotlights our excellent fleet management services. One thing that marks MST out from many of our competitors is the excellent after sales service we provide and our ability to not just design and build a craft but manage its operation for its whole life. To that end we provide logistic support, maintenance packages, spares and repair services, training and safety boat services not just for our craft but those of our competitors. The new site emphasises this service and clearly lay outs what makes MST fleet management a cut above the rest.

Like our bespoke craft the new website has been built on a flexible basic foundation that can be modified and adapted with new features as we develop our business into the future. As we continue to expand our product line to encompass high speed work boats and a number of special products such as aerial delivery systems and unmanned operation systems the new website will expand with us in a logical and intuitive way.




The new website is already live so have a look around and see what’s changed. You can also keep up to date with the latest news from MST on our blog or on our twitter feed. Follow us to see photos and videos of our latest craft in action.

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